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Partnership with 2-in-2-1

Just as we believe that Marriage is the right foundation on which to build a secure society, we believe Partnerships rather than traditional transactional relationships are the way to build success founded on mutual benefit.

We are always keen to explore with you the ways in which we could work together

Register as a Marriage Worker

If you are working in the field of Marriage and Relationship support, and would like to keep in touch with all that is happening in the Marriage world, then simply contact us and register as a Marriage Worker. We will send you our weekly e-newsletter packed with information on all that's happening in the press, latest research, what the government is doing, and of course news and events from all our Partners around the UK. This service is offered free though we do encourage all recipients to contribute to the costs.

You will be able also to participate in our Marriage Workers discussion forum where we post the latest news and encourage a lively debate on the issues of the moment.

The 2-in-2-1 Partnership Programme

The Partnership programme offers Organisations working with married people the opportunity to be a part of 2-in-2-1. Whether you are in the business of providing commercial services and resources, a research organisation or a purely voluntary charity working in the field, 2-in-2-1's site is the place to be seen.

We will work in close collaboration with you as we continue to develop the site. You provide the material, we will provide the ambience and the technical support to ensure that the greatest number of couples come to know about all you have to offer. The consistent branded experience offered by 2-in-2-1 will enhance your reputation and brand image. Customers interested in one aspect of marriage related services will discover new ideas and products they had never even considered.

We are steadily building a detailed knowledge base about the visitors to the site, and to use this to constantly tailor the content and presentation in a way that builds loyalty and improves our partners' ability to focus products and services in the most effective manner.

How can you become involved?

We need a variety of partners, and in particular Marriage Support Partners and Commercial Partners . If you would like to become involved in some form of Partnership, please complete our simple form and e-mail it to us.

Marriage Support Partnerships

Partnership roles

The essential roles in forming partnerships in the marriage support area are that:-

  • The partner (that's you!) will provide the content or services (from your existing core areas of competence) to a focused interested audience
  • 2-in-2-1 (that's us!!) will provide the access channel in the form of the site (and its general promotion) together with feedback on the user and visitor profiles so as to help you further improve the product or services offered.

We offer three levels of marriage support partnership:-

Service Level


Basic Partner - This  includes
  • entry in the directory of services with contact information
  • hyper-link to your web address (if available)
  • categorisation and indexing under appropriate headings
  • basic information on services as available
  • our free weekly e-newsletter on all that's happening in the marriage scene
  • participation in the Marriage Worker's Forum on the 2-in-2-1 Bulletin Board
This service is offered Free though we do encourage all recipients to contribute to the costs.
Advertising Partner - This will include the Basic information plus:-
  • click through link to your pages from relevant points in 2-in-2-1
  • inclusion of up to 5 web pages of information and graphics about your services
A range of commercial offers are available including banner exchange for higher volume sites - we will be pleased to discuss arrangements

Substantial discounts are available to charities and not-for–profit organisations offering marriage support services – please discuss your needs with us.

Service Partner - This will include the Advertising Partner offer plus:-
  • co-development of interactive services and advice offerings
  • inclusion in 2-in-2-1 publicity (on a reciprocal basis)
  • periodic inclusion of banners elsewhere on the site to promote your services
  • feedback on site visitors and data to assist continuous improvement of services
The costs to develop and implement interactive service offerings vary depending on your imagination and our ability! We will be pleased to discuss appropriate programmes with you, and in many cases expect that the set up cost can be reduced to an absolute minimum. In each case we will develop a specific written agreement with you covering each of our expectations.

Commercial Partnerships

  • Commercial Sponsors, wishing to sponsor specific sections or pages within the site because it will increase the brand awareness of your name and because you agree with us on the importance of marriage as a foundation to a secure society. We will ensure that the support of our commercial sponsors is clearly displayed so you gain the maximum exposure and benefit from your support.
  • Product Partners, wanting to produce new and attractive products and services which will help support marriage and married couples. Got some ideas already? - talk with us about including them on 2-in-2-1. Looking for new ideas? - let our creative capabilities combine with yours to create whole new concepts and ideas. Let  2-in-2-1 be the launch vehicle for your new products and services.
  • Business Partners, wanting to work with us to carry out the planned projects, or to create new ones. We need a variety of skills and competencies to make each of the ventures a success - our business partners share all of the benefits of association with these important projects.
  • Advertising partners, wanting to buy space on 2-in-2-1’s site - an ideal way to target the married couples of this country and achieve significant media exposure.

Who is already involved?

Virtually all the marriage support agencies in the UK have signed up with us; more than 40% did so before the site was even launched! Their numbers are growing week by week as the popularity of 2-in-2-1 grows. Just take a look at our current list

Why not add your name to the growing number of leading edge companies and organisations who believe that marriage and a secure society are an important issue for their business too. We maintain a detailed list of areas in which we are seeking partners so please contact us to explore these ideas further.

How can we become involved?

Please complete our simple form and e-mail it to us

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