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carrie80 23rd September 2013 05:31 PM

Just found out my cloak was stolen for me need help
I am having a winter wedding so I've planned my dress round that. I also wanted a cloak with a large hood. Last winter (I've being planning a long time) a close friend visited me with a lovely red satin cloak and said I could have it. She wasn't or hadn't been married herself so I ask her how she came by it and how much it would cost and she just said it's a gift and it doesn't matter how I came by it just enjoy it.

I should have questioned her more but I was so please I tried it on and put the hood up, a large one like I wanted. I think it was because the cloak was everything I wanted that I didn't question my friend more which I should have done. I was just so pleased with it and so that's how things where I had my cloak and later on my dress. Then just over a week ago I found out that the cloak was stolen, I can't say how I found out in this post. I challenged my friend and she told me it was true she had taken it from a house. She was in the house legally the night before the wedding and she help herself to the cloak that was hanging in the bride's room because she knew I wanted one. She put it over her arm with some other clothing on top and just walked to her car. With people coming and going all the time and most people being down stairs no one had seen her and being only a friend of a guest (that's how she knew about the cloak) no one challenged her later. I just stood there speechless I had everything ready and now my cloak which I love is stolen. She was so calm, don't worried no one had seen me it was a large house rented by the bride's family so they could be close to the location. I wasn't staying there overnight myself people were coming and going all the time no one had seen me no one has asked me about it etc.

Now I'm in two states of mind I need help with. First when it's hung away I feel for the bride losing the cloak, do I give it back and run the chance of exposing a lifelong friend, what would I say to her when I gave it back all goes through my head. The second state of mind is when I put it on and look at myself in it. I imagine myself walking down the church the cloak over my dress my head covered with the satin hood, pulling it down to start the wedding. That's when I can't think of parting with it. Giving it back to a bride whose wedding has gone why would she want it now. Where could she use it what good would it really do. I keep switching between the two states of mind help.

chosen 23rd September 2013 07:58 PM

Re: Just found out my cloak was stolen for me need help
In my mind there is no way you can wear this cloak. I cant believe that this friend would do such a terrible thing as steal this ladies cloak the night before her wedding(or any time).
IF you are really worried about exposing her(and many would say she needs exposing) then send it back to the bride at her address by post. You don't have to say who its from, but just say that you have learnt that this was stolen from her and you are sorry.

IF you look for yourself you will be able to find a cloak I am sure. Try ebay for example. Even if you don't, I am sure you will find something else you can wear instead of someone else's stolen property.
I would also seriously consider if you want a thief as a friend.

1aokgal 18th November 2013 06:54 PM

Re: Just found out my cloak was stolen for me need help
The loss of that bridal cloak may have cast very dark moments over that bride, who had carefully planned and dreamed of her wedding day, which included to wear the cloak. This bride would become immersed in the blackness one feels to be victimized by a theft of this special garment she planned to wear on the most important day of her life. That act created havoc and pain and forced changes to her special day, that she planned far ahead.

Could you really think to wear a stolen garment for your wedding ceremony, which is blessed by God, for the two of you, as you begin your journey in life together? No garment could be so beautiful, that the blackness of this crime against that other bride can be erased. Imagine that woman came as a guest into the brides' house the night before and chose to steal this important item for the brides' wedding day. That thief has no morality. She must be bitterly envious of that happy bride to steal from her the joy of her wedding day! Imagine how upset was that bride on her wedding day to realize someone, maybe a friend invited to her home to celebrate, would steal from her. This event must have made her very sad. on her special day.

That woman who gave this cloak to you is no friend, to pass her sin on to you, to wear on your wedding day. I would feel superstition that to wear that stolen wedding cloak on your wedding day would put a curse on the wedding day and your life together. The wearing of a special wedding dress, usually white, symbolizes purity and goodness. It would take a complete lack of conscience to steal something belonging to another, and then walk down the aisle with the sin of that deed hanging heavy around ones' shoulders. To keep that item, is almost as bad as the stealing of the item itself.

That woman is a brazen thief to take what is not hers so she could hurt another. She will do the same to you. Avoid her like the plague for she has a very dark place in her. She is full of jealousy and envy, and that was the reason she stole this wedding cloak. She did not steal the cape to use herself, she stole it to spoil a wedding day for the bride she envied. Sending the cloak back is a good idea, but it can't erase the sad moments that bride had on her most special day.

Find a cape for yourself, one that does not carry bad Karma with it. Get rid of that so-called friend.

LibraLady 19th November 2013 04:01 PM

Re: Just found out my cloak was stolen for me need help
Wow, I agree with the rest of the posts. Dont wear the cloak, get rid of the "friend" and buy your own cloak. What if someone had stolen your cloak? You would be devastated. Karma is real.......

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