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clouthier 24th May 2012 05:56 PM

How does gay marriage harm society?
It would appear that the referenced articles (three of four I could access) make the point well:
Gay marriage is un-natural, a “construct” to make homosexual unions more “respectable”.

It seems to me, in observing the few close homosexual friends I have (had; three dead) in my life, that homosexuals need constant reassurance that they are “right”, that they are “okay”. Those who are Catholic and lead a celibate life are most troubled that other Catholics will recognize their proclivity and denigrate them in some way. That being said, we, as a Church, have not been real successful in promoting heterosexual chastity. Because we do not speak out firmly about male-female relationships, we seem tongue-tied when it comes to speaking about same-sex attraction. We fail, often, in my mind, to denounce the sin, but welcome the sinner to confession and repentance and community, in that exact order.

If I may, let me separate homosexuals into two groups: One group, like most of us, try to live a life of quiet competence, sometimes frustrated by being labeled homosexual, but generally respectful of what used to be called cultural norms and those who espouse them. The second group contain the outspoken purveyors of a “new” normalcy, fueled sometimes by politics, sometimes by hatred of opponents, sometimes by a perceived need for everyone to approve their lifestyle. The former go about their private, work and spiritual lives much as the rest of the world. The latter become bullies, often assisted by sympathizers in the media who may or may not be guided by ulterior motives. These bullies have an “agenda”, and it must be accomplished by any and all means. It is not a civil rights situation, like women’s suffrage, or black prejudice. Present laws, according to the bullies, must not only protect homosexuals, they must be reformed to affirm a homosexual lifestyle, almost to flaunt it. They have come far; look at what is taught in our schools, shown on TV, marched in St. Patrick Day parades.

I don’t like bullies….of any kind. My political representatives understand my point of view. Whether they bow to the bullies, like the fiasco from the King and Spalding law firm in the DOMA case, is unknown at present. Part of the solution to dealing with the bullies will depend on how reasonable people present their reasonable demands for protection of all citizens' rights….not just those of a vocal and disruptive few.

chosen 24th May 2012 06:12 PM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
You have made some good points. I agree that many churches have been bad at speaking up about the need to avoid sex outside marriage etc, but many are good in this respect, including my church. My church would welcome anyone who is seeking, but will tell the Bible as it is. Many churches will think nothing of having members of their congregation who are living together for example, and wont even challenge them, which The Bible does tell us to do.

Raymond 24th May 2012 06:40 PM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
It is a difficult one. Jesus did not condemn anyone and we are told not to judge anyone either. That is one thing but to promote homosexual marriage on purpose onto the rest of us is obviously wrong. That is a political thing and one that we can write to our MP about and also petition, perhaps through the Coalition for Marriage while it is still being debated in parliament. I think most are still looking for the answers here. I think it will be counter productive for the church to shout homosexuality is wrong. That is one thing that will destroy our cause in the climate we find ourselves in. Anyone seriously seeking the truth will find out the truth of it anyhow. I don't think one can share the good news of Christ and condemn at the same time.

The biggest battle just now is to pray and petition the government as they seek to redefine what marriage is against the clear provisions of the bible and also normal society in the world.

chosen 24th May 2012 06:57 PM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
I agree Raymond. I am 100% against gay marriage.They are already able to get legal protection through the civil partnerships, and if they aret Christians then why do they want/need to get married anyway?

clouthier 25th May 2012 03:16 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
Why does society consider gay marriage to be OK, but polygamy to be bad?

Marriage is a critical part of any community. It's important to keep it up to date, but there is no reason to allow people to engage in behavior that damages the community. Gays have fought long and hard to convince us that they won't cause any harm. Polygamists have done the opposite.

Polygamy causes an imbalance in the sexes in the community. It creates a large underclass of unmarried men who have no hope of a family or sex with a wife, which is the only way most men can do it without guilt. Countries that have a lot of polygamy have a real problem with these men. They tend to turn to gangs and crime and rebellions.

Look at the countries that allow it. The people there generally want to come here to live. We don't want to move there. Their countries are poor and backwards, and polygamy is part of the problem. It benefits no one except the rich powerful men who can afford it. The women have their civil rights suppressed so they must go along. Children are neglected, and the parenting potential of the unmarried men is wasted. It's a mess.

Polygamy has been tried here by many groups. They all fail. The ones doing it now are also abusing welfare systems and their kids. Their excess young boys are dumped early on society because they don't the competition for brides. Their girl children are married off early into virtual slavery.

With a track record like that, no politician is going to support them.

chris1729 17th June 2012 01:22 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
Gay marriage does not hurt society.

I'll tell you what does hurt society: people who are quick to judge others and slow to look carefully at themselves.

chosen 17th June 2012 01:05 PM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
saying that something is wrong and harmful isnt judging anyone.Its stating facts. The majority of gays themselves are not in favour of marriage.

Raymond 19th June 2012 07:59 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
Marriage has always been between a man and a woman which is the foundation for children and also the strength of society. Any sensible person will know that regardless of how they play around with the law.

janet 9th September 2012 04:10 PM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
Well written, you have some good points

1aokgal 13th September 2012 04:56 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
You don't redefine marriage which is sanctioned by God as a union between two of the opposite sex (which is intended to promote the family and propagate children) to include sexual partnership with the same sex. That does not define the family in our culture.

There has always been Homosexuality since earliest history, but civilization survived because of the traditional family model. Teachers don't promote Homosexuality as just another optional sexual choice. Gay marriage does hurt society because it is condemed in the bible and contains acts against nature. Children are the future of a society and born of a relationship between a man and a woman.

WillPrez 15th March 2013 06:16 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
I that that is not a longer relationship, That is just a fun living together.

gracecoburn9 9th December 2014 07:58 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
It Is Not Marriage,Calling something marriage does not make it marriage. Marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman which is by its nature ordered toward the procreation and education of children and the unity and wellbeing of the spouses

Raymond 18th May 2015 09:19 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
I must agree with that. We are now seeing a lost generation many of whom have not seen a stable marriage. There is pain there and that could be why we are seeing our town centres full of young people wanting to get drunk.

1aokgal 18th May 2015 08:22 PM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
If you think that is bad! Read the new statistics on the people in the marital age range, millenials, who choose NOT to marry. Or at least very few marry, according to the study figures.

They will still have relationships, live together and have children, but no commitment and no belief of the family as scriptures teach. That means the kids will be more disrespectful, rebellious, and screwed up more than they are now! Your "lost generation" is so true.

More adults lonely and seeking, and less people will have a concept of a successful marriage. If that is the future, it is grim.

blendflush 23rd June 2018 09:10 AM

Re: How does gay marriage harm society?
I really do not know, but as long as they are not hurting anyone, I don't think it will hurt the society. It may also depend on a person's view about homosexuality.

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