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Re: Midlife crisis

It's as I said Kf , people think emotional affairs are less hurting, so they tend to think you've not suffered as much as you have.... I actually find EA's worse .

My first husband had one and the hurt was immense, I was as if not more upset by his sharing emotions with someone as I would have been ( and later was ) by him sharing his body .

I don't think you have to make any decisions right now, just wait and see for a while. If you need someone to talk to find a counsellor, or come and chat to us on here . If you need to, write your feelings down , it can be very therapeutic .

One of the side effects of anti depressants can be that they numb your feelings , maybe she just isn't fully realising the effect this has had on you. I don't mean you haven't told her, just that it may not have sunk in.
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