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Re: How to see our married life through my wife's eyes

Originally Posted by chosen View Post
I sincerely hope that she will see the light and agree to what she needs to get past this. I suppose its a bit like an alchoholic in that she will need to admit that she needs help before she will do anything about it. At this time she merely blames it all on you, which isnt helping anyone.

If she does go through with the divorce, I think you need to fight to have those girls with you. Otherwise the whole cycle will carry on with them and their own children. Anger, screaming, shouting, throwing and breaking things is a horrible fearful atmosphere to have to live in, and an abusive one, and once on her own she may get worse with them, and also bring all sorts of men back. They have to be your no 1 priority now.

As for the divorce, you can do all sorts of things to stall it if that is what you want. However if she is determined to do it, then why fight it? If she is R. Catholic, they will not support a divorce under any circumstances, and will tell her she can not remarry.
Yes but we did not marry in the church and she is a sort of converted catholic (when she is in trouble). She is orignally Eastern European orthodox church.

I know the girls should be my first priority. She is already under enormous stress with a new job which she would need if she fought to keep the girls. The stress would be doubled if she had to look after the girls and that would end up in real abuse on them. I have no trouble, I work from home and can look after them, but I still need my wife. We really need each other. Isn't that what marriage is supposed to be about?
If we divorce, I will fight like a mad dog to keep the girls. She had told me that the other man was prepared to take her with the girls. I told her that her taking the girls from me and handing them over to the bugger would never happen.
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