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Re: Painful time after marriage, Please help me.

Thank you for your message guys, I am 31 and working in Australia right now but working with lots of stress as a lot has changed in my life since marriage. I can't imagine the fact that the family and parents could be my bitter enemies, they played around with my emotions and feelings. They observed carefully whats going on in my brain and took their action accordingly. Even if I sleep in nights sometimes, I get unknown fear like someone is knocking door and it could be my parents, they will do more damage to my life. My biggest disappointment is that in spite of knowing my situation or my wife's behavior or their actions, my parents are not willing show any change in their attitude.

As far my wife is concern, she loves me because she loves me, she has no sympathy or love towards what happened to me or my pain or my situation or my feelings, the fact I have understood that she will never leave me at any circumstances and may further damage my career and reputation if I ever think about separation. Second my parents and family never support me either for separation even if my wife gives me toughest time. She shows verbal abuse, heated words and tough language, when she rights she doesn't think whom she talking to likewise she doesn't show any respect for me.

I feel sad but the fact is that is because of her my parents broke all relations with me, gave me painful time, my love was taken away from me, all my dreams thrown into garbage, even if i want i just do not get any feeling to love her from heart in these circumstances.
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