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Re: Painful time after marriage, Please help me.

Dear Chosen,

I can remain permanently here but not with disturb personal life. As I said earlier, this was painful marriage for me but not for wife, She married to me with all her wishes coming true and she repeatedly says she loves me but for her definition of love means I need to follow and act as exactly what she expects and feels and I have noticed if that doesn't happen or if she doesn't feel like that, she gets into verbal disputes, writes me whatever she wants, hot heated arguments and everything. Many times I have to phone my father in law about her anger and behavior but he expresses like he can't help much either.

She will never leave me at any cost as she has bright future here in US, independent life and she knows how to dominate me especially my family is not there for me. She knows I was in relation with someone in past and this marriage was against my wish, so she and her parents may sue me at any time in legal manner and rules for separation are not easy either in India and most decisions go always in favor of women there.

I personally believe that as per culture of India, age of 31 is still very young but question here is not about age about rest of the life.
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