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Re: Advice needed on whether should let husband come on holiday with us.

Thanks for your comments Raymond, you are right.

Spent yesterday with OH and was a good day but sad one. I discussed the holiday and the fact why he was not coming with us and he understood this. I said I didn't mind him staying in our house but under no circumstances was he to bring OW anywhere near and if he did there would be serious consequences. He promised me that he would not do that so. I asked him if he had started it up again with her or was he going to and he said perhaps. I told him he was an idiot and then he was in tears.

Despite this the rest of the day went okay and he was with us until 10pm.
When I spoke to him when leaving he said that it does upset him, I think mainly because he feels guilty for having done this to me. He keeps asking if I am okay but this is just to make him feel better. I am trying to put a brave face on things now as I think me crying and looking miserable all the time does not help things. I think he could see yesterday that I was okay and maybe this had some effect, I don't know. I am trying to look as though I am busy even though I have no job but meeting friends for coffee and lunch all the time. This holiday is going to be difficult as we have all been as a family for the last three years so there are going to be memories everywhere but I am going to do things we have not done before to make new memories. It will be hard but what else can you do?
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