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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

In my opinion love is essential to a happy marriage. Love is mutual respect, enjoying each others company, looking forward to seeing each other to share things from the day, working together for common goals, sharing dreams, doing things together and apart, having joint friends and separate friends, but nobody that comes anyhwere near as close to you as they do.
You have to take control of your life, stop being shouted down and brow beaten in to complying with other peoples wishes. Above all else you have to be honest, and stick to it. Dont state your case and then back track to avoid upset. This is no life for either of you and at some point I believe you wont be able to take it any more.
I respect marriage absolutely, but not if it's making people miserable. Honesty is the key to being fair here.

From the story you've told this marriage should never have taken place, you need to take responsibility for your life. Its your life, it doesnt matter what other people say or do, you're the one that has to live it.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do. We all deserve to be happy, not all marriages work. Honesty eases and shortens the pain.
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