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Re: He said I'm not in love with you anymore

Yes Emma I agree with the above 2 answers. Its highly likely that he has another love interest. When married people meet someone else, they mistake the lust/excitment/fantasy for REAL love, and so conclude that the love they feel for their spouse cant be real love. Of course they are wrong, because that feeling will pass too with the new partner, and then presumably they will begin looking for yet another person to find that initial excitment of a new relationship.TRUE love is love that lasts and carries on in the ups and downs of life.

You asked for prayer, so I am wondering if you are both Christians. If you are then go together to see the pastor about this, although its unlikely that he will want to go, because he has probably already made his mind up what he will do, and wont want to be told that he cant do it.
He has no reason to leave or divorce you at all. Only 5 years ago he made promises to be with you for the rest of your lives. A marriage is not based on feelings, but on faithfullness and committment. Dont agree to any of it, say that you dont agree to a seperation, and ask him outright to be totally honest, because I suspect that he isnt telling you the truth. Of course he will probably deny it even if anything is going on, and then you may need to turn detective on him, and check his pc, phone etc.

If you dont agree to a divorce, then he cant divorce you until you have been seperated for 5 years, unless he uses 'unreasonable behaviour'. But as you havent done anything such as adultery or abuse, then he has no reason to do that. Stop being so accomodating and fight for the marriage.

Men rarely want to move out unless they have someone else, because the fact is that they hate being alone.

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