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Re: He said I'm not in love with you anymore


Absolutely DEAD ON great advise. Her "acceptance" of his bull bothers the heck out of me! If somebody tells me it is over or "he needs to process something," I'd be tearing the house apart to find the "smoking gun" of an affair or internet activities while he explores his "wild child."

On the other side, if a partner did not have passion about a man who says he wants to separate, he may feel she doesn't love him. Maybe a man can feel he is a convenience who pays the bills and there is little emotion in that marriage? That's right this wife should agree to nothing and stand her ground. If it means he gets out of a 5 year marriage that easy she needs to tell him he better make other plans.

This man owes her more truth than what he is putting out there. She should be checking on every aspect of his life when he is not at home. It is also true internet connections break up a huge percentage of marriages today. There is either porn or a secret found friend out there. We hear that here all the time.

Why would a woman ask so little for herself as this situation? Em, you deserve so much more.

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