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Need Help Partner's Daughter Has Stolen Clothing

My partner and I are due to be married very soon she has a 12 year old daughter who I get on with well. So up until now everything has been going fine. A week or so ago my partner's daughter came home from dancing with another girls coat in her bag. She just pulled out this red duffle coat and showed it to us. To clear up why a duffle coat in a warm August, the mother of the child had purchased the coat that day before dancing. Most likely for the colder months. It was on the changing area floor and my partner's daughter pulled it out of its bag and put it in hers whilst the woman was dealing with her daughter.

I was horrified she just put it on in front of use tried the hood up she was so calm about it. I asked her what she was thinking of and again she was so calm. She just said it's a tiny changing area that's always full nobody would have seen her. I then expected my partner to take the coat off her and to punish her but she just told her not to do it again and that was it. I challenged my partner but she said what's done is done the coat can't be given back without exposing her daughter. She just told her to take the duffle coat and hang it with her clothing until she needed it to wear.

I could not believe what I had just seen. I hold her I wasn't happy about her daughter walking round in the coat when the colder weather came and my partner was so calm about it again. She just said there is no point not using the coat now she can go to school in it and she can go to dancing in another coat.

I need help in dealing with this I don't know what to do or say. I understand her not wanting her daughter exposed but I don't understand letting her keep the coat. Every time she wears it she is going to think what she did was ok. Please can someone help with what to do or say and has anyone else had to deal with their partner's child doing something like this. I want to still get married will this happen again.
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