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Re: 20 years Trapped

Maybe a retreat (the right one) will open up for you Freddo if that is right for you. It isn't that expensive. They are not run for profit.

It makes sense to me that you might be allowing control to happen. Nobody has to be controlled. It is what we allow through weakness or insecurity. People pleasers are a good example. They look for love by pleasing but they really betray who they are and don't really protect their boundaries. Maybe you allowed your boundaries to be overrun from the beginning through being at a low point and now feel a resentment?

Think of it like a property. We are all responsible for our own property. We will have a fence and a front door and we only allow the people in that we want to. In the same way we are responsible for our own skin so to speak. We open the gates to who we want to but keep them closed when it's not safe. It is really our own responsibility.

I think when you find what you do want to do you will have no problem in worrying about what you are not doing or what you ought to do. My own wife more or less organises what she wants to do and that will include rest a leisure activities. I see that God uses her a lot even though she is not conscious of it. She will support me in some things I do but in others I let her go as she is obviously not cut out or gifted in that area and it could cause a wrong pressure.
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