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Re: My wife walked out

She left because of an argument were I had enough. She was treating me like I was nothing. I said if she couldnt love me like a wife, treat me like husband, then I didnt want her there (intending to shake us both up with just words) She left.
After a month she came back promising a new start. Things are just the same, ok at the beginnig but they have gone back to the way they were. She caught 13year old stepson smoking weed. A week later she tells me!!
I have always bee open and honest with her. I found out that the day before he daughter was offered weed by her idiot boyfriend. I found out by less that honest means and my wife doesnt know that I do know. She has lied to save her kids.
Now, I just wish that she would realise what she is doing to our marriage. I beginning to be sorry she ever came back..
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