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Re: Wife is struggling with the same (sexual) problem as me. Help?

This is something that you both need to make sure goes no further. Kissing in the bible isn't encouraged at all unless its a chaste kiss between brothers and sisters in Christ unless you are married. Personally I wouldn't kiss a man no matter how chaste, nor a woman either. I think you are wrong that straight women enjoy kissing and cuddling each other, no woman I know does that. Yes a hug on greeting maybe, but that's as far as it goes. I do think you are trying hard to justify it, but it cant be justified. Its no better because you are thinking of straight women. Your wife clearly has some physical attraction to other women or she wouldn't be tempted to do this.
So take every thought captive and stop trying to justify it Biblically, which you are.

Its wrong, dangerous and you need to stop dwelling on it. As you admit, this is sexual, and sex is between you and you wife and no one else.

Once you realise that this is a complete no no, you should have no fear of what you MAY do in the future. You would need to seek out people who do this, they don't come to you. Keep the marriage bed pure, and be faithful to each other. Bringing another woman into the mix is a disaster waiting to happen.
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