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Re: Unhappily married to wrong person

Thanks everyone for your comments. My husband and I are still separated, though he comes to see the children as often as he can. I am still considering having him back, not because I love or miss him, but because I am finding it hard to manage on my own.
Raymond - other Christians advised me that I need to learn to love him 'as Christ loved the Church' and 'love your enemies' etc, and I felt that was very unrealistic and impossible for me to do, especially with all the other problems I have. I am glad that you have found the strength to be able to do that.
When my husband is here I realise that I have no sexual attraction to him and can't bear him to touch me (although I do allow him sex - I feel I owe him payment for his help in the garden etc). I don't love him, I don't fancy him, I don't particularly like him, I find him irritating... I could go on. I still find it impossible to believe that I could ever be happy with him.
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