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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

I think you have got your head in the clouds and are ready to destroy what you have in the bargain. You have this image of someone perfect being brought to you as a present to match your development. That is rubbish. You need to appreciate what you have and learn to love your wife. You can make it a good marriage if you want to. Do you think you are too good for her now? You are heading for a lonely road in my opinion.

Everybody is capable of growth, not just you. In some ways her development is in your hands. An unloved wife will not flourish in her marriage and whos fault is that? If you are looking for perfection you will never find it. If you did find it it would be spoilt because of your own imperfection.

My advice is to complete your family by loving your wife on purpose. She is not someone who should be just cast aside because of your fantasies. If you carry on like this you will just be another wife deserter and even an adulterer. It is commendable that you have grown and overcome your background, but now you have another thing to overcome. Your own pride perhaps?

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