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Unhappy Inter-faith relationship - I need advice

Where to start...

We were really good friends for quite a while. We were into each other then but we didn't get together for ages.

Then we used to go out but things were very complicated at the time and we were in very different places back then and I wasn't a Christian either. We have both changed a lot in the last few years, done a lot of growing up and we are now in our 20's but despite how much we've changed - we still fit if that makes any sense.

Now, after nearly 3 years of friendship, post-relationship - we still have feelings for each other and he is genuinly who I see myself with in the future - marriage, children etc

We both come from muslim backgrounds, as we are both mixed race Scottish/Arab and Bangladeshi/Scottish. I am Christian now and he doesn't really have a faith now but I'm pretty sure he still believes in God. I don't know what it is but we just match and we get each other, you know?

He accepts my faith, I understand his views and he even said he is willing to respect my Chastity since being saved until marriage and that I'm the only girl he can see himself having children with and starting a real future with. He knows it will be challenging but he wants us to try - as do I but we obviously don't want to ed up hurting each other.

Last night we had a really deep chat about where we are and we both really want to move forward into a relationship but we are both concerned about the implications of my faith - if it would end up driving us apart or if I'm going against God's Will.

I love my God and I am so thankful for what Christ did for me and is doing in my life and for the gift of the Holy Spirit!

When I spoke to my Christian friend today about the possibility of he and I getting back together, she advised me against it, strongly, as he is not Christian therefore our relationship will not have God's blessing and I can't serve two masters (world and God) and reminded me of the unequal yolking passage. She said that I should talk to our Minister or some of the Parish Workers as we are accountable to other Christians in our decisions, especially if they are against God's Will to avoid committing Idolatry by putting my desires before God's Sovereign Plan for me.

Biblically sound advice and I do understand where she is coming from and I may well have given similar advice, as I am very aware of these passages and the teaching on them - but now I'm torn. Am I being selfish?

Do I give up on my feelings for him and go back on everything I said last night and hurt him and myself all over again or do I try?? I don't feel God is saying no as many of the questions I have asked in Prayer and the issues I've been thinking about, he has said also and other signs that have come up. But my friend's explanation was that the devil knows our thoughts and will use them against us. Basically, God could not be giving his blessing on us because we are not BOTH sanctified through Christ.

Any thoughts???? Help!
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