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Re: Inter-faith relationship - I need advice

Hello Brother Raymond,

I have been doing Bible study basically all day over this issue and I understand your view completely.

But what I don't understand is why for the most part the Bible says NO NO and more NO to interfaith but then on a few occassions it is ok and has God's blessing... Salmon marrying the Canaanite woman Rahab, Moses - one of the most prominent bringers of God's Laws - married a Cush-ite woman and when Aaron and Miriam advised him against it they were scorned by God and she was given temporary leprosy. Yourself and my friend have said that God would want better for me but wouldn't He want the best for His Prophet also, why then would He give Him a wife that ought never to have had His blessing?

Then, there is the whole question of lineage as according to most their are 4 Gentiles in Christ's geniology: tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba - however, Ruth and Tamar are subject to debate, I am aware of this.

Christ doesn't teach on interfaith relationships in the Gospels as far as I am aware. He teaches about divorce and marriage using the old testiment but He doesn't give any direct commandments regarding it. The only one that does in the New Testiment is Paul in his letters, I think - do correct me if I'm wrong! The more information I have the better.

It is just very confusing to me because it appears what seems to be a black and white no - in actual fact isn't. It wasn't then and it isn't now. It comes down to God. If my feelings and prayer aren't enough to know what God wants me to do here, then what exactly am I looking for from God? You know where I'm from?

Thank you for your councel Brother and I do appreciate your advice and any other info you have would be helpful

Peace be with you.
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