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Re: Inter-faith relationship - I need advice

It would be quite a bible study to answer you accurately Rebecca. I'm just on the way to our meeting but from memory Rahab is spoken of as doing an act of faith and being justified by it. However I think the Jews are a special case. We are not Jews but Gentiles and the analogies with the Jews are not really helpful. We are not under the law in that sense but have the freedom to choose what is right from the heart and that is what you have to do. Most mature christians would advise what I do and as your friend does. I think you just have to know in your heart how God is leading you. You are seeking God on it and that's all you can do. Ask your friends to pray that the spirit may reveal to you the right road for you. I would say do not be led by fear but by the peace which is in Christ. I believe the will of God will grow on you over time and you will know if you are open to Him. In the end it is your life not ours but if you want God's will you will know it.
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