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Re: Inter-faith relationship - I need advice

I can only echo what has been said. Dont go there.We have had people coming here who have married so called 'non practising' muslims, who once they are married and have children, suddenly refuse to let them be bought up as Christian believers, or go to church..
Your children would be confused. and they need a mum and dad who share the Christian faith.
His parents and family may well put pressure on him once he is married and has kids to come back to his faith. Honestly you are playing with fire and this is why God clearly tells us not to do this. He says what has light to do with darkness? Your marriage would be a spiritual battle ground.
I have three close friends who are married to non believers (not muslims), and they all have a hard time because of it. I know it is hard, but this is why I advise Christians not to go out with non believers, because its so hard to end a relationship once it has got serious.

God does NOT want you to marry a muslim. He wants you to marry a Christian.If you dont you will regret it. Sorry but these are the facts.
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