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Re: I don't want to get a divorce

Your husband says he is "tired" of this. Can you figure what he means by that? Is it that the two of you do not live together, or the type of job you have which makes him feel threatened? Perhaps he feels emotionally disconnected from you if there has not been enough intimacy and "home" together?

That he made sure you could not contact him, gave back his wedding ring, and is talking to other women on facebook and making sure you see that is very serious. I think he is so angry and is trying to hurt you.

What kind of pictures did he see of you on Facebook that caused such a reaction?

I am asking these things because the only hope that I can see personally is that you may be able to use Facebook as a communication device to contact him and explain to him the circumstances. Be advised however, that everyone else will see whatever you write. It will be public, but then, he made it very public when he told his entire family. That is not a good sign.
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