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Re: I don't want to get a divorce

I think he is tired of me doing stupid things. Like not telling him things and seeing me in pictures with other men. Holding them by the arm, to me this is nothing but to him its disrespect.

We do not have a problem with intimacy at all. He is just very jealous. I know he is trying to hurt me and I only send back positive energy. We had a face book war today and again he said he would never get back to me. If its over then why stay my friend on FB ? To hurt me?

I spoke to his Mom today she and I have never had a really good relationship. I know I have a problem with love. She is the one that told me even thought she will not give me his new number she is protective of him in this way, but still hopes that we will get back together. She is divorced 2 and says sometimes these things happen.

My question is why divorce if you are still in love? Is love not enough.

Was today's brief interaction a step toward maybe being able to talk to each other? Why is he responding to me if he hates me so much?

Thanks again,
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