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Re: I don't want to get a divorce

Can you understand that what is innocent to you, is disrespectful and hurtful to him?
If so, then maybe you can communicate that to him, yes, even on facebook, maybe ESPECIALLY on facebook for the whole world to see. He has lost "face" feels humiliated by having others see pics of you with other men. Now, he feels he must take a stand against you. You have backed him into a corner, and in his mind, in order to keep his dignity intact, he feels he must make you a public example of his shame. Communicating with other women is his way of letting you know how it feels.

You can certainly turn this around IF you will humble yourself. Tell him publically that you will repent of these things, that you love only him, and that you will not drink anymore, not travel with those who make him feel uneasy, and will even give up your job. Are you willing to do these things to keep his heart safe? No, love is not enough. It is just an emotion. There is also the standards in marriage that protect the hearts of each other. Keeping those standard is what Love is.

Love means sacrafice. Can you sacrafice all for him?

He sees your drinking as an act of rebellion dear. And lying to him in order to have freedom to do what is hurtful to him surely cannot help him feel safe with you can it?

My understanding is that you converted to Muslim faith. Surely you realise that means you will need to understand how Muslim men view the way a married woman should behave? By chance, could this be why his mother and you do not get along well? I think he feels humiliated by the way you flaunt your "modern" freedom. If you are converted, you must be converted to what is expected from their women.
Even if he were not Muslim, as a man, these things would be hurtful.

Let us know what you think.

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