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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

It took a lot of courage for you to say that OKGal. I know it wasn't easy for you. I wouldn't say it is the reason for every sexless marriage, but I suspect it is in the background of a lot of cases.

If that is the case he will be feeding it with a lot of fantasy in his head (assuming he doesn't use pornography) energised by seducing spirits. It is not a purely physical thing. Sex is always spiritual and always affects our spirits for good or evil. Why else would God make such strict laws about it. He had this habit long before he met you and seems to prefer it than being free.

I know that he is a nice and considerate man in other respects, but that doesn't solve the basic problem. The only hope I see is for him to get right with God about it (This is the christian part of the site) and then avail himself of the help which can only be found in Christ.

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