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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Dear Don62...

Welcome to the forum. Your posting is interesting to hear the male viewpoint.

Sorry for your unhappiness. Most of us who have a spouse who has chosen to live within themselves develop coping skills. We are happy in the other areas of our lives. The options available are to leave, find another to create a semi-world or live with the rejection. There are good days and bad days.

A bad day can start when you open your eyes and nothing has changed and you feel as though your purpose in life has been stolen. It is hard to live as a vegetable. I am still a woman who loves pretty clothes, shoes and perfume and checks the mirror. Men compliment me for the efforts I make to be attractive.

He compliments me as well but does not value me as a woman. If he did he would not risk losing me. He just knows I will be here. It takes a lot of effort to keep from becoming bitter. I did a lot of reading as it seems you have done. There is no one answer except a partner has become selfish.
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