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Re: help wife left and i wrecked my chance

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Its better that you know. At least you can make decisions based on the truth.Try to think calmly and rationally despite your upset and anger.
I always think that thing of 'still being friends' when one had cheated is stupid. My husband ex wanted that, to still be 'buddies', but its always best and more healthy to have a clean break, except for anything specifically to do with children, if they are young and not adults.
You misunderstand. I feel great, this is exactly what I needed. It was the not knowing that was killing me, the wondering, the possibility of hope.

Now I can move on.

She just came round to sort through all the baby stuff and old clothes in the spare room that we had saved for our next one. She found it very hard, lots of tears but I was too angry to get upset. I held it together but must have said the word "slag" a million times in my head, lol.

I am done. She is the mother of my child but the silly selfish bitch is dead to me.
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