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Re: Pray for Me Please

Originally Posted by Unloved View Post
Thank you Chosen and Roses.

I am entitled by law to one third his salary as alimony by law. The problem my parents and I owned our house prior to my marriage. We trusted him and put his name onto the deed (against legal advice). He did pay the mortgage payment while living here, my Dad paid all utilities in return for my helping him. But my H did not consider my caring a job and it wasn't enough for him even after I started working part time. Now he is using his name on the house as a bargaining chip for me to agree to less alimony. I have already agreed to take fifty dollars a week less so I can keep my Dad in his house. Otherwise he can force a sale. I don't want my Dad to end up in a care home.

Even with all this and the heartache I still would want him back if he agreed to marriage counseling. I would try. But everyone tells me it would be a mistake. And I don't see it happening. He is pushing to hurry the divorce and never contacts me to see how I or my Dad are making out. My Dad treated him like a son. He never even said goodbye to my Dad. I don't think he could face him.

I had a bad night. I cried and prayed for God to help me with my pain and depression.

Thank you again.
So its your dads house and still your husband can make you sell?
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