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Re: Renewing our wedding vows

Hi, Dawn. I'm very sorry that what I said upset you. I meant that whatever you wear, the day will still be special. Of course it's nice to have a lovely dress for such an important occasion, and it does make you feel more special

It's awful for you that you're stuck on your own with no-one to talk to. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply here, I know how hard it can be sometimes!

I lost my job, too. I didn't tell anybody what was wrong with me for ages. I did have a counsellor, but was sometimes too depressed to go to my appointments! It's a horrible thing but please remember IT DOES GET BETTER. Also, you are not alone! About a third of ALL people suffer severe depression during their lives. So, most people really do know what it's like.

You have some good days, so you are on the mend

I'm not going to bore you with "you need to talk" - I'm sure you already know that
It's tough that you can't talk to your husband about it; often our partners think it's their fault, or want to "fix" us - that can make things feel worse, can't it?

There are some brilliant websites that can help you do your own therapy, and help to explain what's happening to those who love you. If you'd like some links, please post back.

Wishing you some more good days ...
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