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Thank you, Chosen. Maybe I did have a lucky escape. It was highly stressful, always wondering if she was cheating or lying. I do, however, respectfully disagree about the quick engagement. I think it's great that ours worked out, and I do know that the rushed thing does work for a rare few. I think that situation is definitely the exception and not the rule. One possibly cannot adequately know someone well within a 2 or 3 month time period. Everything and your gf or bf can do no wrong within the honeymoon stage. Therefore, if you're seeing that person only as you want to see him or her, how in he world can you TRULY love that person????
I think that for me as a Christian, I had asked God for certain things in a husband, and when I met my husband(on line)he had them all. I just knew inside even before we met, that he was the right one. He asked me to marry him after 3 weeks. My son also met his wife on line. He is also a Christian. He is a very good looking guy and had 30 women contact him. His now wife was the first and even though she wasnt the nearest distance wise, he just knew she was right. By their second date they were talking about how many children they wanted!They didnt marry for 2 1/2 years because she was doing a degree as a mature student and needed to finish that first and get a job so they could afford somewhere to live.

I think it also depends on your ages. Young people change so much in the late teens and 20's, but I was in my 40's when I met my husband and my son was 29 when he met his wife(she was 25).
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