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Re: Is this possible

There are many examples and stories of young women who are murdered by family members for the sin of "shaming" ones' family by sex before marriage and other acts deemed as immoral/illegal by these Islamist laws in Dubai. She could be in real physical danger for this pregnancy in such a country by her own relatives. You should have realized that the cultural/social mores for women there is altogether different than other cultures in the world.

The issue on how this relationship is treated also has to do with whether she has some education and freedom of movement to be able to leave the country. She must have had enough freedom from supervision to get herself into a very bad situation! In your place, I would get some advise from your consulate and see how fast a marriage can be arranged. This might be handled diplomatically and safely for this woman. If this pregnancy becomes known, she could easily be in a precarious situation. I also would make sure you are not alone with her in future, without someone else present, preferably someone regarded as a guardian or female chaperone. Young women in these countries are strictly off limits. It is a whole different world and there are extreme punishments meted out to those who don't understand the walls that separate the sexes there. How old is this girl? Even mature women of other nationalities there who became involved sexually, have gone to jail for an illicit relationship. That country is like living in the dark ages for women.

Do you understand that in Dubai, both you and this woman, could be sentenced to prison for several years under Sharia Law, Islamic law, which governs sexual behavior in this country? There are no abortions, unless the life of the mother is a risk. The punishment for this infraction of serious law is severe for BOTH parties. They warn foreigners about these customs, as even a magazine in ones' luggage with some adult content is a serious breach of the law.

Best you get some advice quickly. No one is going to break the law with backdating a certificate. What could you be thinking? I hope you can get some diplomatic help fast.

NOTE***Here is info on this topic about Arab Emirates and pregnancy before marriage:

Rather than ending up in jail or deportation, you can either leave Dubai as soon as you come to know about your pregnancy or simply get you wedding arrange on an emergency basis. If you want to leave Dubai, then make sure to book your tickets during the initial months of pregnancy as there are flying restrictions depending on how close to delivery you are.

Same is the case with getting married, where you really have to get your marriage organized during the initial days or months once you discovered that you are expecting a baby. A bigger time difference between your date of marriage and delivery of your child can create huge problem for you while getting the birth certificate of your child in Dubai. The best possible thing you can do is, conduct your pregnancy test if you do not get the monthly periods and get married with in the first two months of marriage. Premature deliveries (seven month delivery) are quiet common among the humans, which refers to the birth of a baby of less than 37 weeks gestational age. Get advantage of it and come up with a great excuse that you had a pre-mature delivery.
There are instances of mother who gives birth in jail and the baby taken after birth to another location. Time is of the essence to get married.

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