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Re: Am i sinning and how do i stop?

I am sad for you GLM and I don't know how you are coping, but maybe I see it from a man's point of view.

I think you are tremendous to attempt to carry on loving in spite of the situation. Hubby is disobeying the scriptures but you cannot change him. Changing yourself could cause him to change. That definition of love is in 1 Cor 13 by the way.

I think your plan makes a lot of sense and feel you might overcome in spite of the awful situation. What else can you do? One can only attempt to thrive in the situation that they are in. That picture of jumbled up knots is interesting. Christ is an expert in untangling knots through the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth in every situation. He can do far above all that we ask or think.

I know that 1okgal has put up with this for years and years and has worked out a mechanism to cope. As your husband is a christian there is more hope I think as in theory there is a pathway to him (especially if you are praying) if he reads scipture and wants to follow God.
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