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Re: my partner seems to be addicted to being unfaithful

Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry things have gone so badly for you in this relationship. Here is what I will tell you.

You must LEAVE! You got the picture. You don't need it spelled out more. He is an addict to porn, internet, and other women. If you had "trust issues" in the past, you made a mistake to trust this one. Don't make the biggest mistake of your life. He is a VERY poor prospect for any serious relationship.

Do NOT have unprotected sex with a man who can't keep it zipped! As you said, you don't know how far these things have gone, for sure you don't need to be exposed to STD's. Call it a day and say,"goodbye." I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I think you know what you NEED to do. You seem not to have the strength to end a very bad situation. It is not going to get better,

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