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Re: I can't let go!

I just empathize with pamela and it pisses me off because very rarely do I ever hear a man/men say, "oh, I just cant let go because we have been married for x amount of years...." when their spouse has done what Pamela's spouse is/has been doing for YEARS!

I guarantee you all, that if the shoe were on the other foot, and Pamela was frollicking with her "fishing buddies", etc, her husband would have been on the first train smoking out of there.

So, if after all of those years, she is still miserable and her spouse is clearly on another planet, then she should cut her losses and be happy elsewhere.

If my husband doesnt get his act together and connect with me again, very soon. My young son and I are is way too short to allow another person to make it crappy.

Pamela's spouse has no real fear of any real consequences,,,after 29 years of foolishness. I bet if she packed up and moved out, his neck would snap back with surprise that she had the balls to do it.

No offense, men. But most of you react to PAIN AND CONSEQUENCES.......
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