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Re: i need help, dont know what to do

Hi PJA you sound like a really good wife. Your husband sounds a bit immature and has still not adjusted to being a husband. He is still young and this should come in time. Sounds a bit like I was. Sex was great but I didn't naturally show the affection in other ways. It took time for me to learn that. My home background was bad so that didn't help. His home life or culture would affect the way he behaves. It sounds like he is freezing you out because he doesn't fully know how to relate in marriage. I had to learn from the bible that the paramount thing is to love your wife as christ loved the church. A lot of what he does isn't loving to you but I know you cannot change him. He is playing around a bit talking about divorce and saying he feels he doesn't love you. This is immature and I see it all the time on here. It's best to never mention the word divorce as it can let in something that isn't helpful to a marriage.

It sounds like the marriage needs work on it and I think you are doing your part. Let him know how you feel and suggest counseling to him. I would suggest you give him lots of encouragement when he is doing things well. I think he is aware of his shortcomings but doesn't know how to fix them. He will need your continued patience.

See what others will say.

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