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Re: i need help, dont know what to do

How did we go from talking about PJA's problem to getting her to switch religions. I'm not a God basher or anything like that, but Geez. Who cares if she's practicing Voodoo. I don't think that's the reason for her husband acting like he is. Becoming religious or changing religions isn't going to solve any problems.

PJA, your hubby's confused. He doesn't know what he wants. He's 30'ish you say, and your early 20's. What are his friends like? Are they single? Do they date regularly? How does he act when he's with them? Maybe he is envious of how he see's others, being fancy free. As a guy, I can gaurantee, that does happen. (sad as that is), some guys simply can't let go (of their youth).

It sounds like you have given your best shot, and I'm not saying give up, but beating a dead horse doesn't make it get up. He's got something on his mind and bugging him. You happen to be the easiest target for him and it's no energy to treat you like crap.

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