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Re: i need help, dont know what to do

Yes, it will.

I used to be involved with spiritualism. It is nothing to mess around with.

I am now a born again Christian and, if it wasn't for my relationship with God I don't know what state I would be in.

And, I am separated from my husband but, my prayers are being answered.


Be responsive to your husband when he kisses and show other types of affection. Work on yourself. I bite my nails too. I really hate that. But, I put on acrylics.
Pray and go see a good Christian counselor. Seems you have depression from your past. I had it too. Still fight it to a certain point.
I am a latina and I know what you mean about the anger it happens a lot in my family. I don't have it but those close to me do.
You will be alright. Ask God to give you strength and peace . He will I am testimony to that.

So, put on your pretty nails. Wipe your tears and shine on.
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