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Re: Advice needed on whether should let husband come on holiday with us.

Yes I know the obvious reason and he has said that he finds the relationship exciting. Don't we all find new relationships exciting but so far with her he has not the everyday stuff that we deal with. I have had to deal with that and he has the exciting bit. Don't you think that for a relationship to last there has to be more than sex, especially if he isn't getting the other parts that make it a complete relationship. Also it has been made more exciting by the fact that it was secret.

Also I am angry because he didn't communicate his worries with me and as I said I was unaware that he was unhappy. It really did not come across that he was. We went out often, talked all the time, spent 8 hours a day at work together, always on the phone when away from each other. Where did I go wrong?
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