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Re: Advice needed on whether should let husband come on holiday with us.

Jackie, sex isn't everything - neither is it unimportant. When you got married you promised to "worship" him with your body. I completely understand how angry you feel, especially as you've suffered this double betrayal. Try not to let your disappointment & fury blind you to both sides of the story, or you will lose whatever positives may develop out of your current pain.

In answer to your question: IMO you should definitely NOT go on holiday together whilst you're in this state. Your anger will spoil the holiday, taint your girls' experience of what should be a happy & exciting time, and make him resent you. I imagine it will be tough on your daughters, but at least they're old enough to see the two of you can't handle a fortnight together at this moment.

Give them plenty of mobile credit, so they can stay in touch with him and share the holiday that way.

Meanwhile, get on with researching the places you're going to - they are both wonderful, and not unduly challenging to get around. Make your mind up to get the very best out of every moment. It's about time you took the decision to grab life with both hands - a trip like this is the perfect opportunity. Take it.

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