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Re: Advice needed on whether should let husband come on holiday with us.

Hi Jackie, I had the same questions re: my recently departed H visiting our kids, I was basically being expected to vacate my home because he decided he had some seconds to spare for our kids - then yesterday major revelation for me "hey buster, you left us, your choice - if you want to see the kids, you put yourself out, don't come here - mess up our home and then swan off with zero responsibility- take them to your place" and by prior arrangment, and all my friends advise that if he is unreliable/late - the visit is automatically cancelled (not sure if I'm hard faced enough yet to follow through on that one, but I am scowling into the mirror for practice). He came and got them for the first time tonight - mine are 6 and 11, it was hard but they loved seeing him (swallow hard) and I SURVIVED. It gave a little bit of a boundary back to me - he had free access to my territory but I'm not allowed anywhere near his, it felt somehow unbalanced to me. He sounds like another lieing cowardly cheat - would we have had anything to do with them if they were advertised like that in the first place? I'm trying to convince myself as much as you, I'm still gutted, but moving slowly forward.
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