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Re: Midlife crisis

Hi kite flyer ,

Firstly can I just say, don't underestimate an emotional affair. Although it doesn't involve sex it can be just as damaging and cause just as much devastation. So don't be surprised by how hurt you feel.

If your wife is set on changing careers then there is little you can do to stop her , however she isn't planning this right now so there is time for things to change . If she is still suffering from depression it might be she is trying to find a way out of that and one way to do it is to try and plan a brighter future for yourself. That doesn't necessarily mean it will happen but it's something to hold on to when you're feeling down and struggling to cope with life as it is now. Depression is a horrible illness, not easily treated and very hard to live with , for all involved.

The fact she isn't likely to go off and do these things tomorrow means you both have some time for things to change, and to work on the problems , at least you have some warning .

As you obviously want the marriage to survive, take a look at how it can be improved , what to do to make sure you both feel it's worth saving and working on. At least if it doesn't work out you will know you've tried everything you can, and if it does work out it will be stronger and happier for the future.
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