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Re: Midlife crisis

yes, she is on medication she has suffered with S.A.D. for years and every winter gets depressed, to start with a lightbox helped then the doctor put her on 10mg of Citolpram, when this all kicked off with the affair he put her up to 40mg, which for some reason increased her sex drive tenfold over a peiod of time she has gone back down to 10mg, and the sex drive has gone now. So maybe it is the meds that are stopping her feeling any guilt.

The one good thing out of all this is we have talked more openly about our relationship and our pasts than we ever have done. But the hurt is still so intense and I feel so lonely. I don't think my friends truly understand how this has effected me, my whole world has just fallen apart. I can't imagine my life without her in it. I wish I could have the strength, to fully understand and make a decision. Maybe I just need to give myself and her more time.
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