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I've just come back on here after a month or so away and of trying to deal with my problems alone but have decided that it definitely helps to talk. I'm not sure whether you've read my thread but I have been going through pretty much the same as you. I won't go into all the detail, just have a look at what I wrote in my first post entitled 'How Do I Trust Him Again'. All I can say is that in my opinion EAs hurt a hell of a lot and probably more so that anything that was 'just sex'. Although my husband's affair didn't last long, it's not the length is it, it's the fact that they felt they needed to do it all and part of me thinks, why wasn't I good enough? Like your wife, my husband is still working with this woman (although admittedly she isn't in the same country anymore) and that's really hard to deal with. I think I could have coped more easily if he never had to contact her anymore. My husband doesn't seem to feel any guilt either and in fact just keeps asking me why I'm not over it yet? Every time I ask him a question about this woman, he asks why I need to keep talking about her and that he has made his decision and that he wants to be with me, why can't I just let it go?! This really annoys me, and I think it's far easier for him because he is the one who has been in control throughout this. He started it, he finished it and now he just wants to move on and can't accept that I'm not finding it as easy. In fact he now says that I am the one who is driving us apart! I have hardly told anyone because I don't want other people to think badly of him! Hope everything works out for you.

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