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Exclamation My Partners daughter hates me, I need help!

I have been with my partner for just over a year, 3 months ago he cheated on me with the mother of his 6 year old. Before this happened I had a reasonably good relationship with his daughter and her mum (the ex) bar a few small issues which I thought we had ironed out. Since the cheating she has started hating on me and putting the blame soley on me for them not been together, she has not done this privately but openly in front of there daugher, she has called me nasty names and repetitively told their child I am the reason she is not with her dad. This had really upset the daughter and now she has decided she does not like me, the mother has now said to my partner he is not allowed to see his daughter if I am around. I am so confused I really love my partner and want it to work with him long term, I am willing to give the daughter time to like me but I feel I am stuck between a large rock and a really hard place. I am still working through some of the residual feelings from the cheating, I have tried to be kind to the ex because I can appreciate the pain she if feeling but this holds no bearing to her, she has her target firmly set on my head. Do I walk away or do I stick by him?

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