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Re: Newly Married & want a Divorce Help Please!!

You say you religious. What does that mean to you? Does that mean you are a Christian? If so I am pretty sure that the Bible never mentions that we must be 'in love' with the person we are married to. When you think of marriages at the time that Jesus came, and when the NT was written, most were arranged, and so few couples would have even known each other much when they married, let alone have been in love.

You have no biblical reason to end this marriage, nor to marry your former boyfriend(who did the worst thing that any man could do to you). I think you need to put any thoughts of the other man out of your head, (he is a cheat and a liar, and you are no longer available anyway), and dont even think of going back to him, and keep the promises and vows that you recently made to your husband.
Yes you probably did get married far too soon after the other relationship ended, but that's done now and you need to make a decision whether to act with integrity and responsibility, trust God, or run away and go back to the man who acted so appallingly and may well do again, because cheaters often do. If he couldnt even be faithful to you when you were engaged, how do you expect him to for the rest of your lives? You need to cut those emotional ties with that man and concentrate 100% on your husband and life now.

I cant really understand why you are separated at all, you have no reason to be and it wont help.

Lisa your daughter much be so mixed and up and unsettled with all these big changes in her life. First you leave her father, then you meet someone else, then you marry him and then you leave him as well. Poor kid. She desperately needs security and you aren't giving her any. Think of her.

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