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Re: Newly Married & want a Divorce Help Please!!

Originally Posted by lisa14 View Post
Hi chosen - You are right but at the same time God knows my heart . He knows I'm troubled and I didn't have intentions of this and these feelings. My husband also have personal issues that causes us to be distant that I wasn't aware of until after the marriage. Its a difficult situation, I pray on it every day all day.

At the end either way my daughter will be fine, that I know.
Lisa you married this man and you aren't free to be with another. You aren't free to even be thinking of another man in that way. Leaving one man to be with another isn't right, surely you can see that? The other man cheated on you, the likelihood is that he will do it again. He couldn't even be faithful when you were engaged. I think you would be mad to go back to him.
I am not sure how serious the 'personal issues' are, but if he married you and deliberately kept something extremely important from you, than that is very deceptive.
If you have a church why not go and see your pastor?
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