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Re: Newly Married & want a Divorce Help Please!!

I suppose the question is should we just run away from a marriage because we think we haven't married the right person. My husband now realises that probably he should never have married his first wife. but he would never have divorced her because he had made promises and he was going to keep them. He never really felt she loved or accepted him as he was in 23 years of marriage. It was only when she met another man and divorced him that he was freed from the marriage. As a Christian I cant see where the Bible says that we can end one marriage and marry someone else accept for sexual immorality or abandonment. Not being 'in love' isn't a Biblical reason to end a marriage if you want to do things Biblically.
God has given us answers in the Bible, so we dont even need to ask him what to do when it comes to marriage and divorce.
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