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Re: My wife left me for a guy she just met at work :( will she regret


Sorry you are here my friend. Take it from a vet that's just coming out of the other end. Your sitch isn't uncommon. Mine is VERY similar to yours and Roncco's and there are a lot of men out there going through the same sh!t so you are not alone.

Right now you want to save your M, right? Well, you can only save your M if you focus on YOU. Not your W.

It may not work and you may still, like me end up with a D but right now that's not your focus.

WW (wayward wife's) all follow the same script. That's why Roncco and I see so many parallels. It's the same old story played over and over again. Your sitch isn't unique. Far from it friend.

So what to do. Well first, stop being her H. She sacked you from that job. I know you want to do things for her and be nice etc to show her how good it can be again. But trust me no H EVER niced his WW back to the M.

That doesn't mean you need to be a jerk. Far from it. You need to become the man only a fool would leave. Who's he? The strong confident ku that can handle his own world. Get me? Go GAL (get a life). Make time for ku. Stick with us here and post often but what ever you so don't focus on what your WW is doing. Focus on you and sorting you out. Be strong and confident. No woman is attracted to a weak man. Stay strong dude. I have more to offer.
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