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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Most women here have 2 cars as well, and most have 2 incomes also, but when we moved here nearly 28 years ago, we choose it because it was near bus stops, schools and shops, so I have never needed one. It unusual for a family not to have 2 cars in thsi area, but when I was with my first husband we didnt have the spare money to run one,(even if I had wanted one) and also when I was a single mum I managed without a car at all for 6 years. I did the main shopping on line and they deliever it to the door and the rest I did at our local shops or got a bus to town. I used the buses a lot at that time.They are pretty good and reliable.

Yes I know that America has more out of town shopping centres, its like in Australia when my husband is from. I noticed that 5 years ago when we went there for 3 weeks. The shops are often sort of isolated from where the people live which seems strange to me, but we are getting far more of these out of town shops here as well now, with very large supermarkets etc. but fortunatly we still have the local shops and the smaller towns that are so easy to get to by car or bus. There are also buses to the out of town shops as well, for those who may be elderly and who no longer drive or who dont have cars. I often wonder how people cope in America and Australia when they can no longer drive through ill health or old age. My MIL had to stop drving and so became completely isolated, and couldnt go to church or even to the shops or doctors. MY husbands brother had to then run around doing everything for her, as well as working full time and having growing family.It was a great burden on him, but now she is in an old peoples unit which is brillant. Cars are great when you can use them, but people are totally lost if they become unable to drive.

Now we could afford 2 cars there isnt any need. One car seems more that sufficient for us. Our buisiness is run from home so my husband isnt out all day, so we usually go out together. His ex had her own car, but I just dont need one. I feel very blessed to have one car after 6 years without one.

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