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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Well, I have to say, Chosen. It's clear that Baroness is very sensitive to people's comments. 1aokgal is probably being protective of her Friend who had confided in her personally. It's a Mummy bear and her cub thing lol (mentioned with much endearment and affections x)

Many of these complex issues raised here really need to be dealt by qualified professionals and their therapists who work with them. And, their work may take years of assessments and may run up huge medical bills before they come up with any practical intervention (if ever).

At some point, professional intervention would need to take place after enough personal discussions were made and I guess ppl use a site like this in the interim.

This site cannot be a substitute for a proper professional intervention. It's after all a public site where unqualified and some qualified people contribute and voice what they think, which may be or may not be helpful. Our comments are not supervised by any external professional bodies. So, therefore quality could be hit or miss and it would be useful to have a "take it or leave it" attitude. Public sites or certain movies are not for people who are easily offended. It's largely unmonitored and uncensored. lol

Sometimes, personally I like to say something but I choose not to because it's not my call.
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